While you may constantly be seeing ads showing off a new, sleek sedan or the latest pickup truck towing large equipment on TV, buying a new car might not always be the best option. There are also many advantages of buying a pre-owned car.

What might those advantages be? Our Audi Grapevine team explains below what the benefits of buying a used car are, so you can see if it makes more sense for you to get a pre-owned car for your travels around Grapevine, Dallas, and Irving, TX.

Can Enjoy Generally Lower Payments

Since cars depreciate over time, getting a car that's a few years old means it may not cost you as much as getting that same model brand-new. This may mean you won't have to make as large of a down payment up front, or depending on what you have saved up, you could even pay off much of the car right away and not have to borrow as much from a lender. Whatever your financial situation is at the time, buying a used car offers some added flexibility and an easy time getting the car you want while still keeping payments comfortable for yourself.

Gain Great Value on Your Investment

When you choose to buy a used car, much of the deprecation on the vehicle may have already happened. New cars depreciate quickly those first couple of years, then tend to depreciate at a much more gradual rate after that. This means you can drive around in your used car for many years, sell it, and gain back much of what you initially invested in your car. 

Easy Approval

Shopping for a used car is also a great option for drivers who have yet to build a credit history or have a less-than-ideal credit score at the present time, but still need a mode of transportation. Since a used car can make it possible for you to need to borrow less, you may have a better chance of getting approved for a loan from a lender than if you chose to buy new and needed to get a larger loan.

Plenty of Options

When you are shopping for a new car, you are limited to just the current model year. When opting to get a used car, though, you will be able to shop for the model you want across multiple years. This will offer you more choices when it comes to the exact features you want, overall design you prefer, and the color choice you'd like to have. You can even shop among various mileage to get the exact vehicle you want within a budget that works best for you.

Shop Our Inventory of Used Cars

There is also another advantage of buying a pre-owned car when you shop at Audi Grapevine. That is peace of mind while shopping, because no matter if you want a sedan, SUV, or truck, all of our used cars come in excellent condition and are ready to perform at their best on the roads of Grapevine, Dallas, and Irving, Texas. Stop by today to check out our inventory of used cars and contact us now to schedule a test drive in whichever model you want!

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