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Happiness comes standard at Audi Grapevine

When you discover the Audi vehicle that you desire, our goal is to help you get behind the wheel, and that's done with Audi Financial Services. Here at Audi Grapevine, our team is ready to present you with all your options from purchasing or leasing a new Audi, and guide you every step of the way.

We're focusing on leasing here, and there is a simple way for you to get started, which is to use our lease payment calculator.

Plug your information on price, down payment, and more into our finance payment calculator, to give yourself an idea of what your monthly payment would be. Of course, we'll work with you and discuss all current offers and incentives on Audi vehicles to find a plan that matches your needs.


About Vehicle Leasing

Explore the benefits of leasing and learn more about other Audi ownership options.

When you lease an Audi, you get plenty of advantages and flexibility. We find that many people enjoy driving their vehicle, then trading up for a newer model with the latest innovations and technology after a few years, and leasing allows you to do that.

When you lease, you're able to:

  • Agree to a set term with the ability to trade your vehicle in for a new one after the terms are up
  • Enjoy potentially lower monthly payments on average versus buying your vehicle
  • If you like your leased Audi so much, you can even purchase it after the lease terms are done, at its residual value

Leasing does come with mileage and wear and use guidelines, but if you're taking proper care of your vehicle, as anyone with a luxury brand like Audi should, you can enjoy leasing from us here at Audi Grapevine serving Dallas.

To learn more, stop in and see us today, as our team would be happy to answer any questions you might have, and discuss lease options with you and get you behind the wheel of a new Audi.

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